Winterlude 1985


In the beginning...
It was a cold winter in 1985, when 4 Japanese ice carvers came to Ottawa to create an impressive large-scale ice carving display. It captured the imagination of the residents and visitors of Canada’s National Capital Region, as well as the National Capital Commission’s winter festival event organizers. Together, the NCC and the Ottawa ice carvers leading the 1985 ice carving project, worked to establish Canada’s first ice carving competition for the NCC’s Winterlude, known as the Crystal Garden International Ice Carving Competition.

…and now the present.
For over 20 years, CICS has been working in partnership with the NCC to organize the Crystal Garden International Ice Carving Competition as well as exploring new ways to feature Ice Art through activities that give the public an enriching and intimate experience with ice. To this day, Crystal Garden continues to attract record crowds during Winterlude and is often chosen as one of the top sites to visit during the festivities.

Pagoda, Winterlude 1986

With their experience both in the technical and logistical requirements for large-scale ice carving competitions as well as their artistic knowledge, CICS members are highly regarded amongst the international ice carving circles and are often invited to International Ice Carving events around the world or to work in partnership with Master Ice Carvers.

Board of Directors & CICS Members

President: Ikuo Kanbayashi
Vice-President: Gabriel Giammaria
Treasurer: Suguru Kanbayashi
Secretary: Kevin Ashe

About the Ice Carvers…
CICS members come from a wide background of experiences – from culinary chefs to ice carving company owners to computer software programmers. All share a passion for the ephemeral magic of ice. The following is a selection of the achievements of CICS members:

Dream Train, Winterlude 1987
  • Ikuo Kanbayashi – representing Canada, Olympic Ice Art Championship Judge for the 2006 Cultural Olympiad in Torino, Italy and 2002 Cultural Olympiad in Salt Lake City, USA.
  • Ikuo Kanbayashi & Larry MacFarlane - representing Canada, placed 2nd in the 2006 Harbin Ice and Sculpture Festival (China); winner of both public choice and artist choice in the 2007 Salekhard Snow & Ice Festival (Russia)
  • Suguru Kanbayashi & Kevin Ashe - representing Canada, placed 3rd in the 2009 Crystal Garden International Ice Carving Competition (team category).
  • Suguru Kanbayashi - in a Japan/Canada team collaboration with Master Carver Junichi Nakamura, placed 1st at the 2009 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.